Get your spare key cut without ever leaving home

3 steps to order and cut your spare key
Our Key Cut Service takes the hassle out of finding a dealer or locksmith to cut your car key. It arrives cut for your vehicle and ready to be programmed.


Order Your Key

We have the remote key with programmer. Buy a set can save time and money on a spare.


Add Key Cut Service

After adding your spare key to your cart, select "Key Cut Service", take a picture of your key from your smart phone, and we'll cut the right key and ship it straight to your door. (If you don't use Key Cut Service, you'll need to find a local locksmith to help you once it arrives.)

Key Cut Service

Firstly order the set for your vehicle. Then add Key Cut Service.
Order Key Cut Service

Upload photo of your key after checkout.

You will upload photos of key after completing checkout process

Edge Cut VS Laser Cut-What's the difference?

Edge cut keys (your standard key) is typically more affordable and easy-to-replace than a laser cut key. The trade-off is a laser cut key is higher security and more durable.
And while it's good to know the differences between the two types, don't worry — we'll cut the right key for your car.


Follow Programming Steps

It takes minutes!
Once you get your custom key set, follow the programming instructions within your box. Since you’ve added the Key Cut Service and no need to find someone to cut your key.


It means when you order the new key and key cut service then there is no need to cut the key blade from the locksmith.Only upload photo at home then we can cut it and ship out for you.

If placed the order on our programmer set then you can directly program it at home.

After ordered Key Cut Service, we will send you an order confirmation email. Within that email you'll see a link to submit your photos of your current working key.

Our experts will custom cut your Edge or Laser cut key before shipping.

Usually it takes 3 working days for our key-cutting experts to work on it.

Delays may occur when the images uploaded are low image, out of focus, or out of frame. To help avoid delays please take your time capturing and uploading quality images.

After selected Key by Photo during checkout, you'll be prompted to take and upload a picture of your current key. From there, we will custom cut your Edge or Laser cut key before shipping.

If you purchased your spare key somewhere other than Tom's Key Company, but would still like to use our Key by Photo service, we can make that happen. Contact our amazing customer service team at for assistance and instructions on how to do this.